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Anna Zijlstra

Anna Zijlstra has been working in the field of health law since 2015 and has been a lawyer since 2016 in the field of liability, insurance and health law.

Anna represents clients in personal injury claims, medical liability and disciplinary matters. She also advises and litigates in the field of classic insurance law.

Anna is a smooth writer and does not mince her words. With her creative but down-to-earth mind and her drive, she strives for the optimal result for her client.

Anna  graduated from the Grotius Training in Health Law 2022 with honors in December 2022.

Side activities

  • Annotator for the journal Jurisprudence Liability and Insurance Law (RAV)
  • Member of the Association for Health Law (VGR)
  • Member of the Young Professionals Personal Injury Association (VJPP)


  • ‘Is the State liable on the basis of the Begaclaim criteria for damage that is the result of a coercive measure in criminal proceedings when the criminal case has been dropped due to insufficient evidence?’, RAV 2021, 79;
  • ‘Where is the lower limit for the application of the employment reversal rule and how does it relate to the doctrine of proportional liability?’,RAV 2021, 10;
  • ‘Dient de kinderrechter vervangende toestemming te verlenen voor een medische behandeling die een minderjarig kind en haar moeder om religieuze redenen weigeren?’, RAV 2020, 70;