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Lauxtermann Advocaten regularly organizes lectures and meetings. Our aim is to highlight legally interesting themes in known and unfamiliar territory. In addition to in-depth meetings on topics that are our own, we see added value in broadening our knowledge and uncovering connections.

Roundtable meeting on care
During the Roundtable meeting on care, we discuss current topics in the field of care. The introduction is always provided by an outsider. In order to be able to exchange ideas with each other in an accessible manner, the size of the group of participants is not too large.

Knowledge session
The purpose of the Knowledge Sessions is to look for depth in topics with which we are often confronted in practice, together with invitees.

Lauxtermann lecture
Our Lauxtermann lecture is a presentation by and exchange of views with a speaker who is an expert in a field related to legal practice. Although the latter is not a must, as long as what is offered is interesting and in-depth.