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15 september 2022
Lauxtermann Lecture: ‘(local) resilient democracy’

door Prof. dr. B.R. Rijpkema

Prof. dr. Bastiaan Rijpkema is a legal philosopher and lawyer. He is professor of Encyclopedia of Legal Science and professor by special appointment of Tolerance at Leiden University. At the Faculty of Law, Rijpkema teaches about the methods of legal science and broad legal theory.

In addition, Rijpkema conducts leading research with a strong interdisciplinary character. In this he combines the philosophy of law with legal, political science and historical approaches. Rijpkema’s publications include ‘Weerbare democratie’ (2015). “Lokale weerbare democratie” (2020) was recently published, about local politics as an arena of democratic self-defense. With several national and international publications, he has acquired a prominent position in this research field.

During the Lauxtermann lecture, Bastiaan Rijpkema will elaborate on the theme of (local) resilient democracy: how and when can a democracy defend itself against its challengers? Recent challenges of resilient democracy will also be reviewed.

What: Lauxtermann Lecture: ‘(local) resilient democracy’ (in Dutch)
When:Thursday, September 15, 2022
Where: at the offices of Lauxtermann Advocaten, Pilotenstraat 45, Amsterdam